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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Not Missing... It's Just Been A Really Long Nap

Nap?? As if. Okay - all you moms win. You DO work harder than anyone else. Not like I didn't believe it, but you just don't know till you DO it. Sheesh!

Our daughter is on the neighborhood swim team and playing on a volleyball team at the Y. They will overlap on one day only - the last swim meet and the first volleyball game - she's in a quandry, but it doesn't matter to me. Just pick one :-)

Life is pretty darn good right now. We had family photos taken a week ago and we went to select our choices tonight. Some were actually good (don't usually like my own photos) and the individual ones of our daughter were beautiful. On top of that, the one of me and my husband was a keeper! So, overall, I think we did pretty well.

I hope my blog buddies are doing well - I am off to explore!