Art On A Limb

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Sharing All This?

Okay, I know I just posted about my siblings, but I guess I have somewhat of a confession to make... this blog is completely private. No one in my entire family even knows it exists - not my husband, not my daughter, not my parents, or siblings.

Yet, the whole thing is open to anyone, anywhere... I haven't decided if that's too weird or not, but it's working for me in the moment.

My husband really just isn't interested in sitting in front of a computer - I get this, "I sit in front of one all day long at work, why would I want to come home and do it here?" I do, too, but I don't see it as "work" but more of a release.

Our daughter is very active, so her spare time is spent swimming, playing volleyball, or flirting - or any combination of the group. Flirting might be number 1.

Looks like I'm ready to get back in the groove. Do you share your blog with friends and family? Coworkers?

Do you share your blog with your friends and family?