Art On A Limb

Saturday, April 01, 2006


I know, I know... I keep saying I'll be back on track... here's my attempt to start. Well, we got through the hurrican and whirlwind and now are the official parents of a 14 year old. Goodness! It's worth every moment of it all.

Our adoption went splendidly on March 20th - this is our daughter's birthday. As I mentioned before, she was so excited to get adopted on her actual birthday. The whole day was like a big extravaganza. She originally came from a much smaller country than the one in which we live, so we had to do the adoption in that county. Well, lo and behold, Lisa had been featured twice on a local TV station as a child available for adoption in the past and the station just happened to call CPS prior to our finalization date to see if there were any children getting adopted they could feature.

When they heard it was Lisa, they kicked it into high gear - the whole proceedings were filmed (and supposedly this judge does not care for filming in his courtroom, but he allowed it this time)and then all 3 of us were interviewed separately. My husband and Lisa did fine - I cried like a baby through the whole darn thing.

So, it's final. And it feels SO good to have it done.

My goal now is to get back on track.

I've missed this more than I realized.