Art On A Limb

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Before the Month is Over

Well, we've been parents for a month and 5 days and it feels like forever. We jumped right in at the onset of puberty, and this child is very open to discussing all subjects.

Last night, I was informed she would probably be having sex by age 16. I informed her she would not. Then, she went on to tell me all about how things work - you would not believe some of the crazy ideas these kids get.

Anyway, I told her if she felt like she was seriously considering it, we needed to talk and get her "protected" - she was flabbergasted that I wouldn't just say, "You aren't allowed to have sex until you get married." I told her she wasn't allowed to have sex until she got married, but this was just a precautionary measure. When I explained what a trip to the gynecologist was like, she changed her mind - lol.

My brother-in-law showed up unexpectedly last night and spent the night with us - he was passing through for work, so it was really nice for my husband to have guy-time with his favorite brother.

That's all that's going on in my world right now....