Art On A Limb

Saturday, February 18, 2006

The Great Wait

Time is just zooming past exactly like my grandmothers said it would. Goodness, I miss them.

Our adoption has been scheduled (finally!) and we are actually going to be able to adopt our child on her birthday. She is so excited to be able to tell everyone she joined her family on the day she was born - just like everyone else.

If, per chance, you are wondering if it is too big of a challenge to adopt an older child, our experience would make you want to do it. Don't get me wrong, there are lots and lots of challenges. Our girl is obsessed with "hot boys" right now and keeping this in check is exhausting. You can tell by how infrequently I have posted lately.

There are school issues as well.

The key thing has been consistency for us. That she knows, without any doubts, what the consequences of her actions will be. Consistency and follow-through. And buckets and buckets of love.

So, the Great Wait is almost at an end. We have one month to go and we'll take any and all positive prayers, thoughts, or vibes. We are so grateful for the ones we have received and are blessed to know people really care.

(oh, and I love the Olympics - bonus thought!)