Art On A Limb

Saturday, January 28, 2006


It's been way too long since I took time to post. I'm still digging my Northern Exposure addiction and thought I would share some of my favorite quotes from the show today. I found these listed here. Guess the ones that appeal to me most were the ones (in green) stated by Chris Stevens on his morning show on KBHR. Here we go:

Goethe's final words: "More light." Ever since we crawled out of that primordial slime, that's been our unifying cry: "More light." Sunlight. Torchlight. Candlight. Neon. Incandescent. Lights that banish the darkness from our caves, to illuminate our roads, the insides of our refrigerators. Big floods for the night games at Soldier's field. Little tiny flashlight for those books we read under the covers when we're supposed to be asleep. Light is more than watts and footcandles. Light is metaphor. Thy word is a lamp unto my feet. Rage, rage against the dying of the light. Lead, Kindly Light, amid the encircling gloom Lead Thou me on! The night is dark, and I am far from home- Lead Thou me on! Arise, shine, for thy light has come. Light is knowledge. Light is life. Light is light.

Isn't it cool how life interconnects? It just so happens that I believe we are all beings of light - we have the opportunity to shine and dispel the darkness. One small flame eliminates the dark, scariness. Shine on!

Since it's raining here today, I'll share the following one as well:

Rain usually makes me feel mellow: curl up in a corner time, slow down, smell the furniture. Today... it just makes me feel wet. What is it about owning things? Why do we feel the need to own what we love, and why do we become such jerks when we do? We've all been there, you know: we want something; we own it; and by owning it we change it. When you finally win that girl of your dreams, the first thing you do is try to change her. That little thing she does with her hair, the way she wears her clothes, the way she chews her gum. Until eventually, what you like, what you don't like and what you change all merges into one. Like a watercolor in the rain.

Yep, I know what he means, however, today, it's making want to just read or draw... spend some quiet time.

How does the rain make you feel?

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Anutter Mutter Day

I love Unconscious Mutterings, but I usually want to answer with a whole phrase - this time I tried to limit myself to just a one-word answer. It was more difficult than I thought it would be.

  1. Better off:: Dead
  2. Girls:: Only
  3. Uniform:: Code
  4. Classified:: Ad
  5. Hard:: Headed
  6. Kitty:: Cat
  7. Team:: Sports
  8. Massive:: Amounts
  9. Depressed:: Income
  10. Award:: Winning

Have a great Sunday!

Friday, January 06, 2006

Let's Just Be Normal

Tonight may be our daughter's first sleepover at our house. She's very excited. I agreed to take her and her friend to the movie, then we'll bring home pizza & ice cream.

After that, they're on their own to play games, watch DVDs or whatever.

It's so nice to see "Lisa" starting to do normal, teenage stuff. (If you haven't been here before, Lisa is a bright & beautiful 13 yr old girl we are in the process of adopting) This is the first time in her life that normal things happen on a regular basis - to her, the "normal" things are special.

We're digging it, too!

Sunday, January 01, 2006


Another spin around sun and we start another trip. Unlike the roller coaster, this ride doesn't stop and have us all exit to the left. Good thing, I imagine.

I like a fresh start and new slate. Resolutions don't always pan out, but I like starting my clean slate with good intentions. Why not? Thoughts create - might as well make 'em good ones.

Speaking of which, I highly recommend the Totally Unique Thoughts (TUT) site. Sign up for the daily notes (take the oath) and start your day off great!

As a good southerner, we had a delicious dinner of black-eye-peas (for luck), cabbage, and cornbread. We had other things as well, but those are required fare for the day. My dad came over to enjoy some, too.

The tree came down. It's bad luck to take it down before New Year's, so that chore is over.

Funny the little superstitions you grow up with and feel you must keep. Ah well, that's part of what makes the whole holiday season special.

Tomorrow is for lounging.