Art On A Limb

Monday, November 28, 2005

The BIG Test!

Oh my goodness, this child is pushing all the buttons and trying us in every kind of way possible! Tonight we had a big fight because she didn't want to study for a major test she's having tomorrow in Science, which, incidentally, is her toughest class. I asked her a question - something like, "What is genetics?" Answer: The study of heredity. She'd get it right, I'd ask a different question, then come back to the first one, and she just didn't know. After all, "They're not going to put it twice on the test, Mom!"

Her thought is she'll know the answer when she sees it on the test and she's going to "prove us wrong" by passing that test. I have doubts. Serious doubts.

Then, I find she had a blow-out with her math teacher today. She got a 5 (yes, 5!) on a test. She didn't do anything wrong - her teacher just can't teach. She needs a new teacher and she's going to talk to the counselor tomorrow.

All of a sudden, it feels very overwhelming. Neither my husband or I had these issues when we were growing up - I mean, really, arguing with a teacher?? I'm gearing up to get a number of emails and phone calls soon.

Goodness gracious, God Almighty! And the worst part is my husband told me about the math teacher incident when he promised she could tell me when she was ready. Well, that just emptied Dad's "trust bank" and now she just wants to call him by his first name.

Eventually, that got resolved, but this little girl is stubborn as the proverbial mule and stronger than that ox.

We're accepting any and all prayers, good thoughts, and plain, old positive vibes. Please!

Friday, November 25, 2005

Too Many Appetizers

Thanksgiving is over and we're still rolling around on the floor because we've all lost the ability to walk. I didn't think I ate that much, and in fact, I only had one helping of the traditional Thanksgiving fare. The problem, however, seems to have been the appetizers... our niece was late to arrive, so snacking ensued and now we can't walk or even sit up straight.

A good night's sleep DID help, but the feeling is still lingering.

My niece and her husband brought the new baby, so it made up for being late.

We're going to blame her for the appetizer consumption, though, baby or not!

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Deviled Angels

How does time go by so quickly? I received an email the other day from a "random" reader and I realized I have almost abandoned my space here. My get-away and place to just be me all by myself... and that's crazy talk.

Well, what can I say? We're still getting some attitude and we're also getting a delightful child. Half demon/half angel. In other words, a teenager.

The first report card arrived with 2 A's, 5 B's, and 1 C - the dreaded Science, of course. Overall, I was VERY impressed and wondered if I might have gotten the wrong report card. Lately, I have been receiving some emails from teachers informing me that my child is talking too much.

This child can be completely charming at times - she has the "yes Ma'am" and "yes Sir" thing down pat - teachers love this. Then, she can be very dismissive and you can actually see on her face that she thinks she is smarter than every other being on earth when you know she can't even spell "characteristics" properly... just for the barest of examples.

Our little 6 year old niece is spending the night tonight, and I have next week off, so we're planning a day of going to Denny's for breakfast, then to see Chicken Little, and then perhaps to do some ceramics. I'll be broke at the end of the day. If not today, it would be tomorrow, so I guess we'll just kick it up a notch.

Off to visit my blog friends!