Art On A Limb

Saturday, October 29, 2005


Well, I guess our adopted teenager feels truly at home now - we're getting typical teen attitude. We're not as funny as we were anymore and outside with friends is much more appealing.

I have found her "currency" to use in a grounding situation - taking her to school (which keeps her from riding the bus with her friends) and no trick-or-treating with her friends. She hasn't received these restrictions, but just the mention of them is terrifying! Can you imagine having to stay home and pass candy out rather than going to get it?? It's mortifying!

Why has grounding even come up?? The science grade. I have found she wants to find the answers, but doesn't retain the material. This is great for homework, but really blows a test.

We are now becoming science afficianados. Here are our topics of interest at the moment:

Water Cycle
Carbon Cycle
Nitrogen Cycle
Rock Cycle
El Nino
and Land & Sea Breezes

I know way more than I want to about this, but after being out of public school for (way)over 20 years, I am surprised at how the books have changed and how material is presented.

Anyway, we've got 'tude here and it's okay - we're just normal and that's great!

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Too Long to Be Unconscious

Hoooo Wheeee....It's been too long since I participated in the Unconscious Mutterings and it's about time I did - you could, too :-)

  1. Infiltration:: Mole
  2. Nice person:: Pal
  3. Debt:: Debtor
  4. Settle down:: Marry
  5. Thomas:: Payne
  6. Unforgivable:: Sin
  7. Medicine:: Show
  8. A year from now:: Future
  9. Neighbors:: Friends
  10. Dripping:: Wet

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Astro Fever

Goodness, gracious! Eleven days since a posting? Gee, that seems like all I do anymore.

I am hoping we’ll finally get in a groove that allows me five minutes to myself. There
have been so many weird circumstances to prevent alone time…. The adoption, two
hurricanes, family visits, and now my lifelong baseball team has made it the World

Okay, I am not a sports person, but I was raised by an Astros fan(atic) and it
rubbed off. My sister got most of it though, she starts with Opening Day and
doesn’t let go till it’s over. And it isn’t over yet.

We’re taking Lisa to meet my dad tomorrow. Being as Dad is that fan I mentioned
above, we plan on getting in and out before starting time.

Wait, let me go back to my Astros. As a young teen in the mid – late 70’s, Dad had
the whole family groovin’ on the ‘Stros. I can still see my players on the field.
I had favorites – Denny Walling, Alan Ashby, Jose Cruz, Joe Niekro, Terry Puhl,
and Joe Sambito. There were many more, of course, but those come to mind. And
then, there’s always Nolan Ryan, who showed up in 1980.

And now??? Now Roger Clemens… did he go to my high school? Why, yes he did!
I was 3 years ahead of him, but high school always seems to connect people. So,
here’s a Tiger cheer for Roger!

Okay, I went on a tangent there and couldn’t help it.

Let me state for the record that being a mom is incredibly wonderful. If, by
chance, you are reading this and wondering if it’s really cool to adopt an older
child, I would highly endorse it. Its work, but it’s worth it all.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Talking It All Out

Ah, a moment to add to my blog and visit friends. I never knew there was so
much go, go, go to go around. There is.

Today, I took Lisa to a counselor. This is one of the requirements with the
children while they are in the adoptive placement process. The counselor is
a wonderful woman. It feels like all of the Universe is maneuvering to put the
proper people exactly where we need them as we cross each bridge on this path.
We feel so blessed. We are.

We took time this weekend to visit my and her new baby, Charlie. He is an
absolute doll. He slept the whole time – even when we were fighting over who
was going to hold him. He’s still so tiny and delicate.

Oh, Lisa has found herself a “boyfriend” – put in quotations because it’s not
official yet. At this point, they’re just friends. He doesn’t really like to “go out”
(this means “go steady” to my generation) with friends, so it’s a delicate balance.
The boyfriend lives on our block and rides the same bus. Could life get any better
than this? I am happy to know he’s a good kid from a family with values, so I am
not completely wigged out.

That’s about it for me now. Off to visit friends!

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Rita and the Baby

Ladies and Gentlemen,

This being a parent job is full time! I know a big portion of you know that,
but we’re starting with our 13 year old and it’s a trip. I am beginning to see
how old I really am – the pants are so low, those fingernail polish colors
are bizarre, and some of the hair styles are a trip. Oops! Sounds exactly
like something my own mom was saying when I was this age.

Seriously, Lisa has ended up being a delightful girl. Don’t get me wrong,
she still has those hormonal, teenage moods – puberty is kicking
in – however, she is tenderhearted and loving. I can’t imagine our lives
without her now.

Okay – changing the subject. We evacuated our home when Hurricane Rita
was headed our way and so did my niece and her husband. She was past her
pregnancy due date, but the hospital where her labor was to be induced
closed for the storm. Hence, she and her husband evacuated to another
aunt’s home in San Antonio – it took them over 24 hours to make that 4
hour trip.

She had the baby (Charlie) on the 27th and still has been unable to come
home due to an infection he got after being born. We still haven’t seen our
great-nephew and I almost can’t stand it.

It’s late and I must get some rest. I promise to visit my online friends
soon, too!