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Monday, September 26, 2005

All Kinds of Adoptions

What the heck? I think these things are cute as they can be. I was a "tiger" in
high school (Spring Woods), hence, the name: swoods

adopt your own virtual pet!

Saturday, September 24, 2005

The Wind Began To Switch

So many days have passed since I last posted and SO much has happened.  We got our daughter (we’ll call her Lisa) on the 16th and it was like she had been to camp and was home again.  She just “fits” us and our house and our pets.   Lisa is a doll – sweet, loving, and well-mannered.  

This child has been starved for old-fashioned loving.  She’s getting it now!

Everything has been (and still is) way out of whack, though.  Monday, September 19th, we finally got her enrolled in school.  We jumped through enough hoops and she got to go to 2 classes then come home.  Tuesday and Wednesday were fine.  Thursday and Friday school was closed thanks to Hurricane Rita.

I have never evacuated in my life, but with Rita being a Category 5, we weren’t taking a risk with Lisa, so she and I fled to the Texas Hill Country to stay with my nephew.  A three hour trip took us 9 ½ hours to complete.  Sheesh!  We were worn out.  This morning we decided to return home as my husband said we had virtually no effects from the storm other than strong winds.  At least this time it only took 4 hours to get back.  That felt like we flew!

So here’s the rest.  School is remaining closed Monday and Tuesday which really messes up my work like, but I pray they understand.  I sure do want my child to get back in class and start making more friends.

To sum it all up, we couldn’t be happier if God had let us hand pick a child ourselves.  We would’ve chosen Lisa.

Another shoe may be getting close to dropping, but until it does, we’ll keep dancing.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

In The Blink Of An Eye

It’s a matter of hours now.  She’ll be here tomorrow around 1pm.   All of a sudden, I have thousand doubts… can we be the parents she needs?  Will we be able to handle the problems she tosses our way?  Will she ever think of me as her “real” mom?  Will my husband be a good dad?   How do we handle a child with an abused past when we will never really know all that happened or how she made it through?

Will our rules be too easy or too hard?  Are too many rules too much?  Can she be trusted?  How do we keep her in a good crowd?  

I could go on and on and on and on….

Then, I remember that I truly do believe that God is good… all the time.  That we can handle this because it is by divine appointment we are all together.  Then, I sink into silly doubt again.  Then I remember.

I hope my memory holds out and we keep our appointment.

If all goes well, I will be back soon (probably after a certain young lady is fast asleep) to update how it’s going and to share the scoop on the sitter we have hired.  I may have found the real Mary Poppins.

Thanks for keeping up with this.  You’ve been a big support for me.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Almost Here

The days have sped by so quickly!  Our daughter will arrive Friday around noon.  It’s hard to believe this is finally coming to fruition.  We feel so blessed.

As you can imagine, we’ve been in a whirlwind around here – final preparations to her room and all – the “all” being we realized the pantry needed to be cleaned out and restocked to lessen the clutter.  That means stuff came out that needed another place to go and it all snowballed from there.

It’s worth every moment, though.

One of you, Doris, I believe, remarked that this whole process is similar to an arranged marriage, and it really is!  You choose your child, wait to see if her workers pick you, and then (if you’re selected), after reading her entire file, a meeting with all the “officials” in her life is scheduled, and then you get to actually meet her.  This is a protective device for the child, so we can’t argue with it as no one would want these children to get hurt again.

Now, all that part’s over and we get to have a real life with our daughter.  The weird part is I am enrolling my first child in school this coming Monday and I’ve never done that before.  I hope I don’t cry and embarrass her!

More soon.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The Meet

It’s time for me to make some apologies and get some updates posted here.  We met our daughter – she is an absolute doll!  Sandy blonde hair and green eyes – she wears glasses and is one of those people they look good on, but none of that matters.   She has the most wonderful personality – bubbly, open, well-mannered (a big bonus!), anxious and excited about having a “real” family.  

We all hit it off famously and can’t wait till the 16th when we get her for good!   This is definitely the biggest blessing of my life.

A special thanks to Kimberly for always checking in to see how things are going.  I have been remiss in visiting my online friends and keeping up to date on all of you.  Maybe this weekend will let me do that.

Our girl called us today to tell us she had memorized all her new cousins’ names as well as her new address and phone number.   She’s so cute!

We got to keep her with us the 2 days we were in her area.  She is in the same state, but her section of CPS is handled in another town and county, so we had to travel to her (about 3 hours away) for the “presentation” meeting.  At these meetings, you get to meet all workers, therapists, counselors, and the foster parents.   This is your opportunity to ask questions, get insights, etc…   It went very well.    Afterwards, you get to meet your child – we were all nervous, but that disappeared right away.   Because we got along so well, they let her stay with us at the hotel for 2 nights.  This meant there was a lot of going out to eat and swimming going on.  We threw in some shopping, hiking, and going to a movie as well.  

We could hardly bear to return her to her foster parents on Sunday, but we did.  She needs to say her goodbyes to her friends at school as well as have time to be with her foster sisters before she leaves for good.   We met one of them while we were there – she was about 16 – if I could, I’d take her, too.   That might be asking too much at once.

More as we get closer and I will get to all my friends’ blogs soon – I miss reading about you all.   Look for me in your comments in the very near future.