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Tuesday, August 30, 2005


…and yikes, again!  I got a call from our girl’s worker today and she had “bad news” for us.  Seems our daughter-to-be got in big trouble this past week.  She and her 16 yr old foster sister lied, said they were walking to church youth group, and really met up with a 20 yr old guy down the street.  Nothing happened, but it’s not a good thing.  

That’s not all.  She also got busted stealing peanut butter crackers (50 cents) from a store down the road.  

Being as we’re meeting her this coming Friday, this is a bit much to take in right now.   We are going forward and hope that a change in situation (mainly not living with older teens) and a new start will allow her to just be 13 again.

This information has thrown us for a small loop, but not a big loop, so we move forward and believe the best WILL happen.


Saturday, August 27, 2005

Back on Track

I can’t believe it’s been a whole week since the last time I posted.  Reality is slapping us in the faces and we’re finally realizing we’re about to be PARENTS!  Yikes! Now we’re starting to worry about finding someone to watch our daughter after school before we get home.

Since she’s older, day care is out of the question – most kids her age just come home alone, but because she is a ward of the State until the adoption is finalized, we can’t do that and we don’t want to.   Our problem is that we’re not in the loop of people who know people who do babysitting, etc…  I guess we’ll have to hire through a nanny agency.

Goodness, this is a trip.

Today was a day of slothful indulgence – taking naps and watching movies.  Big fun!

I plan on being a bit more careful to tend to my blog.  I need to go read my favorites and find some new ones.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

We Spoke

Wow! It works and is even easier than signing into Blogger.  Not, of course, that that was particularly challenging, but it is convenient.

I know I have been writing a lot about our adoption lately, but why not?  It’s the biggest thing in our lives right now.  Okay, here’s the latest… we have a meeting scheduled on September 2nd to meet our girl’s foster parent, workers, and her!   We’ll do all that on Friday and spend the night and spend Saturday with her, too.   After that, her workers will bring her to our home – wooohoooo!  It’s really happening.

I am saving the best for last – we got to talk to her already!  She has a cute little east Texas accent and very nice manners.  The girl is about as bubbly as you can get for a 13 yr old – definitely not shy and very excited about getting adopted!  We feel so blessed because her worker said she has another little 13 yr old girl getting adopted, too, and she’s scared to death and very apprehensive.  Truthfully, I think I would be more like her than mine, but we are so happy that our daughter-to-be is as happy as we are.

Now you know the reason I haven’t posted much lately – we’ve been extremely busy with all this.  Man, oh man, this is scary and big fun all at once.

As always, we appreciate prayers, good thoughts and vibes.  Thanks for being so supportive.
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Well, I just downloaded “Blogger For Word” and this is my first test… will see if it works shortly…

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Saturday Stuff

I just got back from the gym and I am pooped! I need to work out regularly rather than sporadically, but it doesn't seem to be happening right now.

Lately, I have been wanting to go shopping...a lot. I might be OCD in that area. I love to shop. I especially like going alone. It's fun to shop with friends, too, but not as much fun as when I go by myself. My husband is the typical male - goes in, gets what he came for, leaves. We don't shop well together unless we're on a mission which involves true "shopping around" for a particular item. How do you feel about it - love it like me?

I talked to our girl's worker yesterday and she decided not to tell her about us till Monday so that she could do it in person and bring our photos, etc... I am anxious to hear how she takes it. It could go either way with her at her age - it will be hard to leave her school and friends, yet she does really want a family.

Well, the husband is off to the gymn now, so maybe when he gets back, we'll go out to lunch - I hope so.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 11, 2005


Today we finished reading our girl's paperwork. It is hard not to have your heart broken when you read what has happened in the lives of some of these children. Our hope is we can be the kind of parents that can help her overcome the issues of the past or at least put them in a manageable perspective.

I did talk to her worker this afternoon and the worker (Denise) was supposed to tell the child and her foster parents about us today. I am going to call the foster mother tomorrow for the first time and gather as much info as possible. Wow, it's all moving pretty fast now - we're excited and nervous all at the same time.

We feel so blessed that my stepmother is a psychologist and also owned a private school (1st grade - 12th grade)which she ran. She has extensive training with children and is very open to helping us in this journey. It really lets my husband and I feel we have an outlet that can back us up.

We're believing all this is happening in perfect order. As always, we are very grateful for support and encouragement. Thanks to all of you who have provided a portion of this for us!

Now for a change in subject... I am meeting an old friend for lunch tomorrow - she had moved away and is now back in town. It's been a long time since we've seen each other so this should be a blast!

Off to read some of your blogs....

Monday, August 08, 2005

Mutters on Mondays

Monday already? Well, it's Thursday for me... I am on vacation Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Of course, we'll be spending those days at CPS reading our girl's file. From what her worker tell us, it's a reallllllllly big file, which, as you can imagine, means this child has had a lot of trauma in her life. Whew... we are taking on the biggest challenge of our lives, but it just feels right.

I want to thank all my blogging friends out there who have been so supportive. It's nice to hear words of encouragement and know that others support our decision to adopt an older child. A lot of our friends think we're crazy and asking for trouble. We realize it will entail all of that, but we're choosing to believe the benefits will outweigh the struggles. Thank y'all (<--can't help it, I'm a Texan) for being so positive!

As you can see, I just jump from topic to topic... I picked up my new glasses yesterday and I am still feeling a little "seasick" from the prescription change. Luckily, there wasn't a big variance, so it should straighten out soon.

My husband just got glasses for the first time (welcome to life over 40!) and he says they "don't work" while at the computer, but they're fantastic driving, etc... Someone has a vanity issue, but I'm not naming names.

I've been wearing glasses so long, it feels weird NOT to have them on. They're almost like a security blanket.

Here are my Unconscious Mutterings for the week:

  1. Complexion:: Tint
  2. Teach:: Guide
  3. Back to school:: Clothes
  4. Months:: Days
  5. Nominate:: Propose
  6. Favorite curse word:: Sh@t!
  7. Concerned:: About
  8. Better:: or Worse
  9. Escalate:: Rise
  10. Unveil:: Show

Why not do a little Muttering yourself?

Friday, August 05, 2005

Moving Forward

Good news to report! We are moving forward at a great pace for a change. We received recent photos of our daughter-to-be and she's a doll with green eyes and dark blonde hair. At 13, she still looks like a little girl yet also like a young lady at the same time. Her worker told us she was a "pill" at times and the most delightful kid you can imagine all rolled up in one package. We're looking forward to it!

Next week, we go to our worker's office and read her file. This will take 2 or 3 days as it is quite extensive. After that, we schedule a visit to meet her and her foster mom.

Well, it's early and my hair needs drying or I'm gonna feel pretty weird going to work like this.

I'm planning on getting back to reading my favorite blogs this weekend - this looks like it's going to be a "normal" one - no planned activities - woohoo!