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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Where I'm From...

I found this exercise at Kimberly's blog, Music and Cats who states it originally was found at Fragments From Floyd where he has the format posted to follow. You might enjoy this, too. Here is my first draft. I may change this:

I am from the backyard clothesline, from cans of Gulfspray and Coke bottles with sprinkler heads for ironing.

I am from the only two-story home on our suburban block where birds built nests over the garage and banana trees grew so quickly, their large leaves scraped across my bedroom window. At this window, I would hear the tap of pebbles thrown by neighborhood friends asking me to come outside rather than knock on the door.

I am from the fragrant (and tasty) honeysuckle, the spring azaleas found in all our front yards, deadly oleander, and sand dollars gathered every single summer on the shores of the Gulf.

I am from homemade chicken and noodles at Christmas and high foreheads, from Fannie, who always wished her name was Mary Rebekah, and Winnie who lived life joyfully and from the Ebanks who value family above all else.

I am from the sailors of the Caribbean Sea and pioneers of Texas.

From where dogs are boys and cats are girls and Santa knows everything about me.

I am from a long line of Presbyterians who founded churches and taught Sunday school. From grandparents and parents who taught that we don’t “hate” anyone for we are all God’s children and that church is not just a building, it’s a home.

I’m from the coastal plains of Texas and the land of chocolate, Belgium, from seafood gumbo and my mom's cornbread stuffing made with hot sausage and pecans.

From the woman who adopted her nephew when his parents were killed in a car accident, the man who won a Soldier’s Medal of Bravery during World War II, and a woman who made sea turtle soup and cassava cakes for her eleven children.

I am from bookshelves in my parents homes where my school years and friends photos now sit either displayed or placed in albums. From the bracelet my grandfather gave my grandmother when she was sixteen and I wore at my wedding, and from family stories carefully handwritten by my other grandmother. From the small treasures of glass and jewelry or love letters and wedding certificates comes an accumulation of worth which cannot be tallied.

lynda, age 4

Unconscious Cosmic Mutterings

Sundays mean Unconscious Mutterings, so here we go!

  1. You’ve got a friend:: James Taylor
  2. Immigration:: Department
  3. Waitress:: in a cocktail bar...
  4. Snickers:: Milky Way
  5. Recognize:: Old friend
  6. Concept:: Car
  7. Birthday:: Present
  8. Told you so:: Smug
  9. Unlikely:: Story
  10. Extension:: Cord

When I go back to see what others have posted, I am amazed at the similarity of some the answers - especially on the ones I think will be obscure. Guess there really is a great common cosmic consciousness out there...

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Saturday Night Emotions

Saturdays mean exercise to me. I got up this morning, went walking in a local park with some friends. Of course, it started to rain. Fortunately, we all carried umbrellas with us this time. We got caught about 2 miles out once before and got completely drenched.

Later in the day, I went to gymn and saw my trainer, Rick. He kicked my butt, but it's still there, so it's not kicked all the way off yet. I'm pleasantly sore and tired.

I have been finding myself to be very emotional lately and don't really know why (no, it's not that time). In a way, I am glad because I know my heart is open and receptive to compassion and consideration for others, yet I also feel like it's almost too open.

Tomorrow is Sunday and it's my favorite day of the week. I think I'll go read my book after taking a tour through some of my favorite blogs.

An early good night.


click to see actual size

click to see actual size

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Who Moved My (Big) Cheese?

It's almost moving day at my place of employment. We're moving from the 12th floor to the 11th floor of the building we are in. That doesn't sounds noteworthy, however, we'll be adding about 50 people who are transferring in from Dallas. We've been operating as one team in 2 locations for almost a year now. Our "big boss" stayed in Dallas with the transferees, while the rest of us have been in Houston with the even bigger boss (aka The Big Cheese).

So, we hear some of the "new" people are great big suck-ups, so this is going to be fun to watch. Evidently, the Dallas crew had no dress code or much restraint of any kind. They are in for a shock-a-roo. There's one older female manager who has decided on the dress code. You had better look like you stepped out of the Talbot's catalogue or you'll hear about it. Even on "jeans days," we are required to wear hose or socks of some sort. Hose and capri pants don't quite gel.

Tomorrow, those of us in Houston get to meet our boss of the past year with whom we really have no connection. Oh what the heck - it will probably be big fun!

Since I am on a work post, I'll give you an amusing story. As you may remember, I am currently working in Collections. I sent an outside agency (read: repo man) to contact one of our customers in Louisiana. We had a possible address, so when he got there, he knocked on the door to ascertain if this was our customer's residence or not. Well, the guy who answered the door (not our customer - he had long since moved) was so freaked out, he almost fainted. He thought the repo man was a private investigator. Seems he was a married man with children who was having a "fling" on the side. He thought my guy was a PI and that he was busted!

He wasn't, but I bet he has paranoia crawling all over him about now.

There's ALWAYS something funny going on!

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Northern Exposure, Kiddo!

Sometimes everything falls into place and something wonderful happens. Okay, you're probably thinking I have fabulous news, but in truth, I am extremely happy to find out that the Hallmark Channel is showing Northern Exposure at 1:00am (Central time) during the week.

And an even happier thing has happened to us. We go to a networking meeting on the 28th where we'll be able to read profiles of all the children available for adoption. As you may or may not know, we're planning on adopting an older child. We decided to adopt a girl. We never had children - not because we couldn't, we just didn't. Now that we're older, we feel we have the home, love, time, and desire to do this. We've been through all the screening processes and the home study, so now we're on our way to the selection process. We'll meet our personal case worker Monday at the networking meeting, then have a private meeting with him on Friday, the 4th.

More as things develop... and tonight, when we get home from work, we plan on spending some time with old friends - Joel, Maggie, Chris, Shelly, Marilyn, Maurice, and all the rest.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Dead or Alive and a Baby Duck

In my previous post, I said I would give my thoughts on the question of life after death. I hope I can be clear and concise (I have that rambling tendency - see?). My belief is that we are living one life. We spend some time in these "clothes" of a body, and one day, we shake 'em off and continue on.

Are we forever separated from those we love? I don't believe so. I think we are just in another dimension. It's like being in the same house with a loved one. He may be in the kitchen, and I may be in the living room. Although we can't see one another or even hear each other, we both know we're there and all is well.

Some of you said you believed in reincarnation of some sort. I am not sure that jives with my ideas of life as a continuum, yet I don't rule it out - after all, how could I really know... unless I knew and just wasn't aware of it.

Heck - I don't know. I'm just going with what I believe here. Oh, I have had a very structured and thorough mainstream religious background and come from a well-rounded and researched perspective, so I am fully aware of what I am saying and what I am leaving out, but since this is my space today, I'm just putting it out there.

And in an effort to turn the tide to a new and different adventure, I just saw a photo of a baby duck. I'm thinking they may be the only truly cute baby bird.

Your Thoughts...

I'm supposed to be getting ready for work and I am getting all caught up in reading blogs - sheesh! I have decided to make The Brady Bunch my viewing choice while applying make-up (I know, I know - I am a 70's gal and it can't be helped - I love this campy stuff).

Okay, I have wandered way off track of where I wanted to go with this, but here's my question for you...

What do you believes happens to you after death? Does life just cease and that's that? Do you "go" somewhere? What do you think?

I'll share my thoughts after hearing what you think!

Monday, February 21, 2005

Mixed Bag

I've had the entire day off and haven't done a darn thing but sit here in front of my monitor reading blogs. I've read about Iceland, moms, father/daughter days, politics (blech), Hunter S. Thompson, Jeopardy, sleepovers, psychics, seen a reveal of one of my favorite bloggers, and the escape of another from a job in the pit of Hell. That's just an inkling.

Okay, I can't help it... I'm of the age that hearing Hunter S. Thompson is gone means that streak of wildness I knew as a teen in the 70's is gone, too. I loved Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas in its day - it cracked me up! It also made me realize just what mass quantities of recreational drugs could do as well... In any event, I wish killing himself would've involved a convertible, a Samoan, and wild-eyed hitchhiker... or at least some bats and lizards.

Truthfully, that streak previously mentioned was tamed quite a while ago, but that's okay. Now I am one of those people who when others find out I had it, look at me and say, "No way!"

Way :-)

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Sunday Potpourri

Sunday... my favorite day of the week. First, let me start out with the weekly Unconsious Mutterings.

  1. Dirty work:: Steely Dan
  2. Shopkeeper:: Mercantile
  3. Goodness:: Gracious
  4. Yearning:: Longing
  5. Show and tell:: Kindegarten
  6. Trapped:: Traffic
  7. Malcolm:: X
  8. Season:: Autumn
  9. Bestseller:: Runaway
  10. Desk:: Light

    I have really been enjoying some new blogs. Well, new to me. Last night, I spent some time at True Blue 4ever, where the point was raised that it we receive "messages" from every encounter we have. Even via the net... in blogs, etc... I agree with that completely. Actually, I believe we all have the spark of the Divine within us and that everything moves from center to circumference, so to speak. I have found my spiritual home within Unity and attend a Unity church.

    Life is fun in our house. My husband is a cradle Catholic, so we head in different directions on Sunday mornings, but it works for us and that's okay.

    One site that I love is Totally Unique Thoughts (aka TUT). It's not the site so much as the Daily Notes (you have to take the "oath") to receive them. The notes are personalized and, well, wonderful. Here's an example of one I got this week:

    You absolutely will not believe who was at the party last night! As round and jolly as ever, handing out presents to all who'd receive, our dear friend "Abundance"! Lovely soul. Oh, and "Time" was there, along with "Space"; they're truly inseparable. You should have heard the tall tales they were spinning - about near and far, here and there, now and then.

    Oh, and guess who was asking about you? Again! Un-huh, you know who... "Gratitude". Told me you've been hooking-up lately - you go, Lynda! But better be careful or the next thing you know there'll be good and plenty running around the house - or houses.

    Fear was there, too. At least no one paid it any attention, and then poof, it vanished as quickly as it had arrived. Never fails.

    So tell me, where were you hiding? Was that you in the Conga Line? Funny how it just flows when everyone let's go of the "How's" and the "Should's". They're such a pain, those two, always trying to lead the way when, just one step at a time and you'll be astounded at the places you go.

    Did you see those pesky "Limiting Beliefs" get thrown in the pool? Serves them right. Imagine attending a party like that and then turning invisible! Happily, during their vanishing act there were traces of them everywhere - frightened guests, bad vibrations, and, yep, cookie crumbs - clumsy clods. They're never really that hard to spot if you just look for their trail.

    Now, why am I telling you all of this, Lynda? It was your party! As they all are.

    Happy Valentines Week -
    The Universe

Life is definitely meant to be good!

Saturday, February 19, 2005


Well, my favorite niece called me last night to let me know she was pregnant and engaged. In that order. She started out the call with, "Please don't say anything negative..."

I didn't. I wanted to! They are so young and don't have the experience of life to see further down the road, but doesn't mean they can't or won't have a good life. We've all seen it happen.

It is hard, however, to listen to plans that haven't been fully thought out due to lack of life experience, but I believe you have to do a lot of your own living, and in that living, you come to see that the advice you didn't want to hear would've served you well.

Creating life. We all do it every moment - with our choices. Quite frankly, I am amazed at myself at how accepting I feel toward this. I wish it weren't so, but it is, and I love this young woman more than I could express here.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Here's a piece I did back in January that I never posted. I am trying to be a bit more comitted to creating more this year.

click to see larger view
Click to see a larger view

Best Friends

My friend, Bette, sent this to me (I know, I know, it's one of "those" emails) and I thought it rang true. I sent it to some of my other friends and they loved it as well. Anyway, here ya go:

When I was little, I used to believe in the concept of one best friend, and then I started to become a woman. And then I found out that if you allow your heart to open up, God would show you the best in many friends.

One friend's best is needed when you're going through things with your children. Another friend's best is needed when you're going through things with your mom. Another when you want to shop, share, heal, hurt, joke, or just be.

One friend will say let's pray together, another let's play together, another let's cry together, another let's fight together, another let's walk away together.

One friend will meet your spiritual need, another one your shoe fetish, another one your love of movies, another will be with you in your season of confusion, another will be your clarifier, another the wind beneath your wings.

But whatever their assignment in your life, on whatever the occasion, on whatever the day, or whenever you need them to meet you with their gym shoes on and hair pulled back or to hold you back from making a complete fool of yourself... those are your friends that will be there.

It may all be wrapped up in one woman, but for many it's wrapped up in several... one from 7th grade, one from high school, several from the college years, a couple from old jobs, several from church, on some days your mother, on others your sisters or sisters-in-law, and on some days it's the one that you needed just for that day or week that you needed someone with a fresh perspective, or the one who didn't know all your baggage, or the one who would just listen without judging, those are good girlfriends, best friends.

I thank my girlfriends, those who honor intimacy, those who hold trust, and those who hold me up when life is just too heavy! The special bond we share is unique.

Thanks for the words we've shared. The prayers we've sent up. The laughs, the tears, the phone calls, the emails, the shopping, the movies, the lunches, the dinners, the talking, talking, talking and the listening, listening, listening....

So whether you've been there 20 minutes or 20 years, I love you!

Monday, February 14, 2005

Love Day

Ah, Valentine's Day... when you're very happy to be married and know that you'll be remembered and graced with cards or flowers or gifts. Today, I received a beautiful card (the kind that makes you want to cry like you're smack-dab in the middle of a Hallmark commercial) and a dozen roses - white, salmon, and yellow w/salmon edges - a beautiful combination! On top of all that, he cooked a lovely dinner as well.

I am a fortunate woman.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Muttering Sunday

I came, I copied, I Muttered:

  1. Judge:: Joe Brown
  2. Detroit:: MoTown
  3. Hyphen:: Ate
  4. Get it right:: The first time
  5. Pulsating:: Showerhead
  6. Yoga:: Mat
  7. Memorable:: Moment
  8. Financial advisor:: Dad
  9. Ten million:: People can't be wrong
  10. I:: Am


click to see larger size
click to see larger size


Saturday, February 12, 2005

Bowling and Blogging

One of my friends asked me to go bowling today, and, like a nut, I agreed. It has been since I was an exchange student in Jefferson, Ohio back in 1977 (yes, they have "domestic" exchanges, too) that I have been bowling. Needless to say, I am amazingly more than rusty. What do you call it when rust rusts? That's me.

We played three games. I think I bowled an 71, 53, and finished off with a 91. Poor scores aside, we had a blast!

This particular friend is one of my very favorites. We have the same name (Lynda) and that just where the similarities start. She's one of my newest friends, but I know as sure as I am typing here, she'll be one I'll have forever.

As I write this post, I realize how much I enjoy blogging. Truthfully, I didn't think I would stick with it, and I find it very compelling. When I sign in, I can't wait to read my favorites - if you're on my list, you can be sure I am reading you regularly. I plan on leaving more comments from now on, too.

Peace, Love, and Bobby Sherman

Thursday, February 10, 2005


Well, I can tell you that working in Collections lets you hear some the strangest stories. Today, I sent the "repo man" to a lady's house and she called telling me that she'd be getting a large sum of money this weekend when she sells her turtles.

Turtles?? Yes, she sells the little turtles like you once could buy at the Five & Dime when I was a kid. Of course, she can't sell them in the US anymore, but she can sell them to China.

China, not suprisingly, makes their money by exporting these turtles to the States. So, if you're buying a little turtle, it's probably not really from China - it's probably from Louisiana.

Truth is stranger than fiction....

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Adoption Update

We received a letter from CPS - they call themselves the Dept of Family and Protective Services now - and have been assigned a case worker. We got a man - this should be fun. He will contact us within two weeks and we'll get to find out how the adoption process proceeds from here on out. Since we're going to adopt an older child, we're hoping it will be much quicker than those looking to adopt an infant or toddler.

Sometimes we think we're completely crazy - after all, we're really too old for this, but what the heck? Life's an adventure and we're ready to play :-)

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Closet Trance

Tuesday morning and all is well. Yesterday flew by, like most days do. My friend from work is having a birthday Thursday and I am truly stumped on what to get her for a gift. I hope some divine intervention comes my way today and gives me a hint.

Now, I am facing a more difficult decision - what to wear! I am pretty sure it will involve a pair of black pants, but what shirt? I know, it sounds silly, but I stand in my closet just like I stand in front of the refrigerator hoping that when I open it this time, there will be something delicious that wasn't there before. My closet yields about as many treasures.

Well, before I begin my closet trance, I guess I should dry my hair.

Life is good if these are my biggest problems. Life is meant to be good!

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Mutter, Stretch, and Read

My favorite meme (Unconscious Mutterings) has arrived once again and here are my responses:

  1. Shelter:: Hurricane
  2. Karate Kid:: Wax on, wax off
  3. Andrew:: Hurricane
  4. Rib:: Tickler
  5. Push it:: Forward
  6. Creep:: Crawl
  7. Chainlink:: Fence
  8. Squash:: Casserole
  9. No mercy:: Hard
  10. Superhero:: Cartoon

Well, our Appreciation Day for Uncle Walter has come and gone and was truly a rousing success. We had approximately 60 family members present with lots of catching-up, renewing relationships, and get acquainted time. Uncle Walter was in heaven! His son arrived as a surprise guest and it was a double bonus as this son has missed many of the last reunions we've had.

Now this is all over and I am home again... I skipped church this morning, slept in, and am now watching, "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir" on Starz. It's about over and I have to get ready to go to the gymn. I have an appointment with the trainer today and really don't feel like it, however, I need to get back on track. Fortunately, we don't have Superbowl plans this year and will just be staying home by ourselves.

Quite frankly, I am happy to have some quiet time.

I will probably post again later today - I'm in the mood! Here's a shout out to Linda who gave me a name suggestion for my lastest work posted previously. I am going to visit your blog today and catch up on all the others I am reading.

Alrighty, time to think about exercise - eeeewwwwwwwww!

Thursday, February 03, 2005


This is one of those days in which exhaustion has total control. I was "on" all day at work and now that it's later and I am at home, I feel like the bones have been sucked out of my body. That's not a pleasant picture.

Tomorrow, I work 1/2 a day, then go to Port Arthur to get ready for our uncle's Appreciation Day. Long story, but I think it will be quite special for him. I'll be AWOL for a couple of days.

Let's see, I was introducing my coworkers... how about Adam? Adam is Hispanic and been with the company about 8 years. He's pretty darn funny... if you can be a redneck Mexican, yet still have a witty, smart-ass sense of humor, then you'd be Adam. He's one of those "round" guys who are completely self-assured and knows he's fine (he says he, "attracts all kinds" but that's okay, because he's secure in his sexuality). My point being, looks really don't matter - he sends out the energy of a hip, sexy, manly man... and the energy works.

Alright, a Seinfeld rerun with Jackie Childs are on - I am getting called to my TV. Uh oh, it's the last episode - Danger, danger!

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Plain Jane

Tuesday is over and Wednesday has officially begun. I'm still up and doing a load of laundry - exciting, huh?

I have been enjoying reading some blogs on a regular basis and find it amazing how many truly entertaining people are blogging. Now, I know this practice has been established for quite some time, however, I spent my first 8 years online getting into creating websites and graphics. why is my blog just a Plain Jane affair? Because of that. It's kind of nice going with a premade design and sticking to the basics. After all these years of webpaging, it gets tedious. I still love it, but just didn't want to incorporate it here. Maybe one day. Until then, I am going to just fill in these spaces and read and enjoy some of yours as well.