Art On A Limb

Sunday, January 30, 2005

I need a name...

(click the picture to see full-sized)

Help me name this piece. I am starting to feel somewhat creative again and will post new pieces here. I am hoping to get your assistance in naming them as I go. It's been quite a while since I did one with a black background, so this was kinda' fun.

Thanks in advance!

Coffee and Mutterings

Here are my Unconscious Mutterings
for this week. I still enjoy this meme very much - you can, too!

  1. Coroner:: Dead
  2. Mystify:: Amaze
  3. Corroborate:: Lie
  4. Misinterpret:: Twist
  5. Humorless:: Deadpan
  6. Calculus:: Algebra
  7. Eye for an eye:: tooth for tooth
  8. CPR:: Heimlich
  9. Stitched:: Sewn
  10. Facility:: Medical

The brother-in-law has hit the road (before 6am!), so we're up early and hovering over the coffee pot. God bless whomever thought up boiling the coffee bean!

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Sit Up?

Ah, we have been visited by the brother-in-law, and guess what? It's been very pleasant. Of course, this is one of the two "good" ones. I have two questionable ones as well. I am not sure how they all rate my husband, but I don't want to know.

Today was filled with coffee, exercise, and seafood. Strange combo, huh?

Jerry and I both have a personal trainer (that sounds so snotty), but we do. We don't go at the same time, but on the same days. Today was "ab day" and it about killed me. Right when Rick (the trainer) decided I needed to do sit-ups (not crunches, but real, live, sit-ups!) one of my co-workers showed up at the gymn. Of course, I couldn't do sit-ups in front of the co-worker (whew!).

When I first started with Rick, I told him no butts in the air and nothing embarrassing - unbelievably, he bought it!

Thank goodness!

Thursday, January 27, 2005

What day is this?

I don't even know now...oops! there's the calendar. Thursday already?? sheesh! Tonight, my brother-in-law arrives for a visit. We haven't seen him in two years. Well, Jerry hasn't seen any of his brothers in two years. He needs this, so I am happy to have him here. And, he's a good guest - only for a few days!

This past week has involved a lot of working overtime trying to collect past due customers. It's always worse after Christmas. I am afraid I am becoming the "Repo Queen" as I am almost over my projected allotment of repos for the month.

Yesterday, I repo'd an ambassador/diplomat from Mexico. He didn't like it one bit. I wasn't too torn up about it. It's so simple - pay.

Ack! I see where work is consuming my mind right now. I am trying to let it go and practice some of my positive affirmations. Here are two for you:

I am God's beloved creation, radiant with divine life, light, love, and peace.

I am open to the power of God within me and allow it to work through me at all times.

Have a peaceful day :-)

Monday, January 24, 2005

Insurance Mutterings

From the fine folks at Unconscious Mutterings, I share my thoughts:

  1. Material world:: Madonna
  2. Satin sheets:: Slippery
  3. Blizzard:: Dairy Queen
  4. Real estate:: Big Hair
  5. Dress up:: Primp
  6. Wesley:: Methodist
  7. Robber:: Thief
  8. Saliva:: Gland
  9. Slave:: Ship
  10. Shift:: Twist

So many things are whirling around at once around here. The Appreciation dinner for my uncle is well under way and we have a guest list of 51 at this time. I think I have most things covered and under control. The rest is up to God and whatever else may come.

I found out tonight that I have no idea where my automobile insurance card is and I need it tomorrow to get my car inspected. My husband can't find his either, so we've been driving around without one for month - oops! Now, I have to call the agent and start on that project. Oh boy.

Well, embarassingly, I hit the garage with my passenger side mirror again and off it went. This is my second time to do this. Once, I did it on the way into the garage and this time was on the way out. That's getting repaired tomorrow, too.


Thursday, January 20, 2005

Just a plain, old update...

Life really is good... Here it is only minutes from Friday and the week truly flew right by! We've been working 10am - 7pm all week and Friday we are back on "normal" time from 7:45am - 4:45pm and I've missed getting to go home in daylight.

After years and years of traveling, I am quite enjoying being on a regular work schedule. Sometimes I miss having my own hotel room, not having to share a bed, and full control of a TV, but I think being at home outweighs all that.

Friday means something else, too....working out with my trainer, Rick. I see him Friday nights and Saturday afternoons. I should really get my butt to the gymn more often than that, however, Jerry & I have been walking a lot lately and it feels good, too. I know having a "trainer" sounds a bit uppity, but I have to say it might be the best investment we ever made in ourselves (Jerry sees him too).

We're still missing our dear dog, Greta. I don't think we ever realized how attached we are to our pets.

I am working on some new artwork which I plan to share here soon. I'll also continue to introduce my coworkers and friends. Some of this is taking backseat to an Appreciation Day luncheon my sister, sister-in-law, and I are planning for our great-uncle. He's 86 years old and has taken the time to write out many installments about what it was like growing up in the Cayman Islands in the late 20's through the 30's. As the youngest boy of 12 kids, he has allowed many of our cousins, and us, to get to know our grandparents from a perspective we would have otherwise never known.

We have been blessed with a HUGE family and it seems they all want to come to the luncheon. He's going to be so surprised!

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Blogger Clog?

I finally decided to get on the stick and post an entry and all I get is "The document contains no date" - whatever the heck that means!  I am assuming it means Blogger is clogged.   How often do you get to use that expression?   Cracks me right up.
Today was extremely busy at work.  Tomorrow looks to be more of the same.   Jerry and I took the dogs for a walk tonight - they are really enjoying the new routine of lots of walking and so are we. 
Well, that's all my day held except for sundry details and I've already posted enough of those. 
Life is meant to be good!

Monday, January 17, 2005

Shout Out to Canada and My Weekly List

I know I say this every time, but I love these Unconscious Mutterings. Here are my answers:

  1. Yoda:: Debra Winger
  2. Mensa:: Intelligence
  3. Pink:: Dress
  4. Text message:: IM
  5. Galactic:: Battleship
  6. Chicks:: Dough (I can hear some mobster saying, "All I need are chicks and dough.")
  7. Quesadilla:: Fajita
  8. Backpack:: Hike
  9. Socket:: Eye
  10. Compromise:: Middle Ground

Yesterday, we went to my Dad's house on the lake to do Christmas with him and Elizabeth. This is their first time home since Hurricane Ivan hit their home in Grand Cayman. They brought a video of the devastation and it was incredibly terrible. Amazingly, there were no deaths. If you saw this, you would be astounded. I am ashamed that the US never did anything for these people, but am pleased to say the people of Grand Cayman consider the Canadians their "angels." The Canadians came and helped restore power (many were without power for well over 2 months) and also helped clear aways fallen trees. God Bless the Canadians.

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Another Smoker

You've me Christa and Kaye, so you might as well meet Austin. Austin is an "older" man, which really means he has all white hair but I don't know his exact age. Anyway, Austin is frequently spotted in the parking garage having a cigarette. One day, his wife called in and Austin's partner, Joel, took the call. He told her Austin must be outside having a smoke. She lost it! He had a heart attack two years ago and hadn't smoked since.

Seems Austin has been smoking the entire two years. Needless to say, Austin was in big trouble. He's still smoking.

So, we might as well meet Joel since you've already been introduced. He doesn't smoke. He is bright young man who comes from an upper-crust Michigan family. He did one bad thing though - he joined the Navy. His people don't "do" the military. Seems his parents aren't real thrilled about his position now in the civilian world. He's 30 and on his own and doing fine. Truthfully, he's probably under unemployed. Joel's handsome, very witty, and extremely intelligent - just the kind of guy single gals hope to meet.

>>>>changing the subject>>>>>tomorrow we're going to my dad's to do Christmas with him and his wife. They've been out of the country and just got in last week, so the holiday season just gets longer and longer!

Thursday, January 13, 2005

GMAIL invites!

Need a new Gmail account? I have 3 invites left. The first 3 to send me an email with the subject stating, "Gotta Get Gmail" will receive one. Drop me a note here.

I plan on spending a little more "blog time" this weekend... see you VERY soon!

Wednesday, January 12, 2005


I've been working on some new art works, however, I am not quite where I want to be right now, but that's okay - it'll happen when it happens.

Today was a fun day at work - busy, but productive. Speaking of work, here's another member of the work team:

Meet Christa: Christa is a tiny thing - she's five feet tall, but built. Here eyes are huge and she has a good heart. So, why mention her? The girl smokes like the proverbial chimney. She spent every break and lunch hour of both her pregnancies in the parking garage puffing away. He oldest, a son, has a head twice the size of his body and her daughter was incredibly small. Both have respiratory problems. Hmmmm....

Of course, The Smokers are a group unto themselves, but you might as well know who's who.

Kaye, who you previously met, is one of Christa's smoking buddies. Kaye's children are normal, but she pops nitroglycerin and aspirin like candy while taking time to puff it up.

More later...

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Blog Clicker

Why not join the newest blog surfing group? It's free and easy:

Tell them I sent ya!

Monday, January 10, 2005

Theft, Deceit, or What?

Well, as you know now, I work in collections for an auto finance company (I'm on year 21). I have a customer who bought a used car from one of our dealers, kept it one month, decided he couldn't afford it, so he brought it back to the selling dealer.

Here's where the fun starts... he returned it to his personal salesman on 9/18/04. Seems he and his salesman (we'll call him "Manny") were acquainted through a mutual friend. Manny decides he has another friend who needs a vehicle and will make the payments. He talks our customer (we'll call him "Duane") into this idea to avoid having a repo on his credit, so Manny gives a third party (he'll be "John") the car.

Flash to 11/18/04 and Duane is getting past due notices from us. He calls Manny and neither one of them can locate John. Duane gets frustrated and reports the unit stolen to the sheriff's department - he conveniently leaves out the "giving it away" part.

Manny no longer works at the selling dealer. He and Kenneth are supposedly trying to find John. We're bugging the holy bejeebus out of Duane and the cops have never found this unit. Manny says John was just an "acquaintence" so he didn't really know his address or phone numbers. Eventually, Manny (he's working at another of our dealerships) tells me that John's girlfriend, Sonya, purchased another vehicle from our original dealer while he still worked there. I called the General Sales Manager, he gives me her information, and I relay this scoop to our repo agency.

The repo agency worked all the different locations I supplied them with no success. Eventually, it dawned on me that the cops don't know the whole convoluted mess so I called them today. I gave the detective handling this every single detail I had. He called me later and told me John was going to court tomorrow to face charges of forgery and drugs. He's already been in prison and looks like he's going back. Our delightful salesman just got a DWI on New Year's Eve and the detective called Duane today and found out that Duane and Manny were really old pot-smoking buddies. Seems Duane spent a little while in jail, too, but he was trying to live a "clean" life now.

The cop said he couldn't talk to John about our vehicle during court, but he could get to him once he was in jail, however, this is where it gets hard to get out of... the customer (Duane) technically did the right thing by returning the vehicle to the dealer. Manny represented the dealership when he gave the unit to John. John didn't steal the car - he accepted a gift. While it's illegal to hide mortgaged property, it may not be illegal to give it away. And, when we boil it all down, the dealership will probably get left holding the bag - their agent did the deed. Of course, they could possibly file charges against Manny for misrepresenting them, however, when we got this far even the detective was lost in blur of lines.

I'm anxious to see how this pans out.

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Sundays with Glen Miller and Mutterings

Boy, don't the Sundays roll around so quickly? It's time for Unconscious Mutterings we go!

  1. Pistol:: whip
  2. Rick:: Rack
  3. Full circle:: Life
  4. I wish:: I might, have the wish I wish tonight
  5. Frame:: Set-up
  6. Adult:: Only
  7. Photography:: Studio
  8. Stew:: Mess
  9. Cheat:: Yourself
  10. Brad:: Pitt

I plan on continuing my cast of characters soon. For today, I am trying to recuperate from an hour with the personal trainer yesterday. My "glutes" are aching and there's no way to stand or sit without feeling the pain.

Today, I met Glen Miller at church. The cast of characters in my life continues to grow. I will just add them all in as time goes by... more soon!

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Casting Call

I am planning on sharing the cast of characters in my office, however, I am having a hard time with how to proceed. A small cast of characters perhaps? I'll change the names to protect those who might be discovered. Here are a sample:

1. Jillette - a 40-something married wife/mother who has been employed here 24 years. Sounds so innocent and ordinary, right? This woman is a whirlwind of adventure - she exudes sexuality, yet, is an amazingly hilarious person. No subject is taboo for Jillette and sitting next to her is like being on a roller coaster all day long. Jillette has worked in almost every department. She recently got moved to Collections as my partner - this is her first tour of duty in the world of promises and repos.

2. Hank - Jillette's husband. He's worked here 20 years. They met through a mutual friend, and have been married over 16 years. Hank could be one of the loudest people on earth whose favorite expletive is "fuck" - I have actually heard him on the phone with Jillette when their daughter was an infant, saying the following into the receiver, "Fuck, well give the fucking baby a fucking bath and I'll fucking help your with the rest of the fucking stuff when I fucking get home." We've since learned Hank and Jillette were CCE (Catholic Children Education) instructors at their local Catholic church.

3. Kaye - another 40-something woman. She's probably my best friend even though we have absolutely nothing in common. If I like it, she will find it hideous and vice versa. Kaye is a very insecure person, however, you just wouldn't know it unless you knew it. Yeah, I know that sounds so cheesy, but it's true. She can, however, be quite possibly in the top 5 funniest people I have ever met and I hold a good sense of humor in high regard. Every year, Kaye and her husband, Jim, take 2 week RV vacations. They usually spend 10 of the 14 days broken down in a parking lot somewhere trying to outspend last year's expenses. Kaye will start a story in the middle and assume you'll know exactly of whom she is speaking - even if they were her childhood friends and you didn't meet her till she was over 20. Some of these stories are so bizarre, you'd swear they couldn't be true, but they're so funny, you can't wait to hear more. Then, you'll run into her husband, or one of her daughters, and they'll confirm it all.

That's all I have time for tonight - I am sleepy. Here's a fairly recent work - enjoy:


Found on VoxEfx

Copy the list of ten authors below. Replace any that are not included in your home library with one(s) that are. Note any replacements in boldface. Reference where you found LibeMeme when you post.

1. Charles Dickens
2. John Irving
3. Alice Walker
4. Toni Morrison
5. Mark Twain
6. Annie Dillard
7. Oscar Hijuelos
8. Margaret Atwood
9. William Shakespeare
10. J. K. Rowling

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Wednesday Wrap Up

How did Wednesday get here without a mention of Tuesday? Guess that's how life goes. Today at work was really quite wild. You may not know it, but I am now officially in Collections. I did this years ago (for the same company), moved to another division for many years, and now, due to logistics, I am back in this department. It's incredibly different that how it "used to be" (words new hires hate to hear!).

Anyway, I collect car loans, so, unlike credit cards, we actually have the power of repossession which makes it a bit more likely to get paid. Lately, we have been seeing a great increase in the number of elderly who have been hoodwinked by ne'er-do-wells. It could be a son, granddaughter, niece, or even a medical caretaker. Today, I discovered one of my elderly customers had been ripped off in amounts over $700K by a "helper." Sheesh! This really gets my goat! Fortunately, a detective has the perpetrator under investigation and it looks like she'll be arrested soon.

Okay, so there's my little rant for the day. I don't talk too much about my job. I really want my art and other interests to be a bigger focus for my blog, but, I spend a great quantity of time at work and have a majority of my friends here. It'll spill over.

Actually, now that I think about it, it might be fun to introduce you to some of my coworkers (aka true friends)so you can meet the cast of characters in my life. This might be fun! Keep checking - there's so many to choose from, it'll be fun to pick who'll go first. Of course, I'll be displaying some art as I go. So far, I haven't completed anything in 2005, but it's only 5 days old, so there's hope yet :-)

Monday, January 03, 2005

First Monday in a New Year

It's my "late day" at work, so I have a moment to begin my blog properly, if there is such a thing. I noticed my entries have become somewhat like the entries in a preteen diary. You'd think being 46 and an avid reader would allow me to have somewhat of an ability to put in words thoughts and opinions that would, at least, reflect my age range. Oh well, I can just say I am "young at heart" and leave it at that.

I have read some blogs I find completely captivating. I am in awe of the writing abilities of others. I guess that's what made me the reader I am as it is.

But, here I am with a blog entitled "Art on a Limb" and I should really have some art to share, however, I haven't created anything in this new year. That should be happening soon, though - I am getting the "feeling" that it's time. It's odd, but I truly have to be in the right frame of mind to create. If not, it feels forced and just doesn't work. You'll be the first to see. Or course, you can visit Electronic Fingerpaints or scroll back through previous entries to see some of my work.

Sunday, January 02, 2005

On track

Time to get back in a regular groove, so here we go with out Unconscious Mutterings for the week:

  1. Newspaper:: Boy
  2. DVD:: Player
  3. Resolution:: Clear
  4. Intimate:: Kiss
  5. Song:: Singer
  6. Essential:: Life-giving
  7. Whistle:: Stop
  8. Glass:: Full
  9. Countdown:: Final
  10. Child:: Baby

Love doing those! So, resolutions? You bet...I am still sorting them out.

Saturday, January 01, 2005

The Year is New

Ah, 2005 has arrived and all seems, well, different. We lost our Greta, the tsunami has struck and devasted such a large area on earth, and life still goes on... kids in the neighborhood are going crazy with fireworks right now (we're outside the city limits), there's whooping and hollering ushering in the New Year. That's really good. We need to move forward and continue to love life.

May God pour blessing upon blessings on those hurting as this year begins. I can barely watch the footage of the tsunami victims - it's truly heartbreaking.

We still have our Christmas lights and tree up. It's bad luck to take it down before New Year's Day, so all will be put away tomorrow.

We didn't do anything for New Year's Eve as I have a nasty cold and can't seem to quit sneezing.

I am ready for the new year... we should adopt our child in 2005 and have an "official" family.

So many opportunities lie ahead of us and we carry many challenges. May our burdens ease and may we have the strength to forge into the unknown.

Happy New Year!